Smart Meter Connected Devices Buyer's Guide

Smart Metered Energy. Take control of your energy usage.


Take control of your energy costs with Smart Meter Connected Devices

The ComEd Smart Meter Connected Devices (SMCD) service is offered to ComEd smart meter residential customers. For more information about smart meters, visit

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This service enables you to receive near real time energy usage and estimated energy cost information from ComEd through a smart device that is wirelessly connected with your smart meter. With access to more information, you can make changes that help you take control of your energy use and save on energy bills.

Ensuring your Smart Meter Connected Device is compatible with the ComEd Smart Meter

Not all smart devices work with ComEd smart meters. The device you purchase must be ZigBee-certified with Smart Energy Profile (SEP) version 1.1 to be able to communicate with a ComEd Smart Meter.

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Widely accepted within the electric utility industry, ZigBee is a highly secure way of wirelessly transmitting data. Information about ZigBee and the Smart Energy Profile (SEP) can be found at the ZigBee website. ComEd must verify the smart device to determine if it is compatible with ComEd smart meters. Smart devices that have been verified to be compatible with ComEd smart meters are included on the SMCD List at


Monitoring Energy Usage

Monitoring energy usage can be done through either an online management tool or through the connected device itself.


EAGLE-200™ Gateway

  • Self Installation: Can be self-installed in minutes and registered with ComEd Smart Meter Connected Devices at
  • Easy Access: View your data from anywhere via your computer or smart phone with the Rainforest smart app.
  • Integration: Has already been integrated with a number of commercial analytics and energy dashboard services.


  • Simple: Plug in and register with ComEd Smart Meter Connected Devices at
  • Compatible: The EMU-2 is compatible with ComEd residential smart meters, enhancing your ability to monitor your energy usage.
  • Translatable: Supports English, French and Spanish languages, making it friendly and easy to use.


Installing Your Smart meter connected Device Is Simple

  1. Register the smart device with ComEd Smart Meter Connected Devices at
  2. Connect the smart device to the internet using either WiFi or ethernet cable (Eagle 200 only).
  3. Create your account on the Rainforest App.
  4. You will receive an email with the next steps to install.

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The EAGLE-200™ Energy Gateway connects to the ComEd residential smart meter to allow you to see your near real-time whole-home energy usage wherever you are from your smartphone. 

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The EMU-2™ is a highly reliable, secure, in-home display designed with the consumer in mind.

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