Nest Power Project

Save Energy, Give Efficiency

In honor of Earth Day, Nest is launching a five-year campaign dedicated to lifting the energy burden across the United States. The burden of high energy costs is borne disproportionately by those least able to afford it. And, because low-income families are more likely to live in inefficient homes, they often pay more for energy than other households do.

  • In some parts of the U.S. families are spending more than 20% of their income on home energy bills
  • Nearly one in four Americans is eligible for federal and state home energy assistance programs.* 
  • These energy-assistance eligible households include 22 million children.† 

ComEd is excited to partner with Nest to help families in need – we hope you'll join us.

How You Can Help

Buy a Nest. For every thermostat purchased between 4/16 and 4/30/2018, Nest will donate 10% of the proceeds to organizations like Habitat for Humanity working to help those struggling to pay their energy bills.

Make a direct donation on Nest's donation portal to support a local community organization of your choice that helps people struggling with energy costs. The site allows you choose where your donation will go. 

Know of someone in need?

ComEd provides resources to families struggling to pay their utility bills. Learn more about how you or a loved one can access energy assistance.

*Source: LIHEAP + Census Report on Income and Poverty
†Source: Anne E. Casey Foundation, 2016