Savings Can Be Automatic. Access ComEd's 'If This Then That' Applets Today.

Make "If This Then That" (IFTTT) your Energy-Saving Partner. With an IFTTT applet, you have another convenient tool to help you take control of your energy costs.

Easy and Oh So Very Smart

ComEd has partnered with IFTTT, a free, web-based service, to create applets (or small applications) for customers who participate in ComEd's Hourly Pricing or Peak Time Savings programs. Use these IFTTT applets to turn your home's smart technologies and smart devices into money-saving robots.

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​The IFTTT service allows you to control smart or smart devices based on external conditions that you can specify. ComEd Hourly Pricing customers can use IFTTT applets to make sure their electric vehicle only charges when the hourly cost of electricity is below a certain price.

Customers enrolled in Peak Time Savings can use the applets on ComEd’s Peak Time Savings IFTTT channel to raise their smart thermostat a few degrees at the start of Peak Time Savings Hours, and then go back to their comfort setting when Peak Time Savings Hours is over.

Download the IFTTT app to your smart phone today and get started! We'd love to hear about the new money-saving applets you've created!

Access Your Applets Today
Access Your Applets Today

Create an IFTTT account to access ComEd applets. Go to ComEd's IFTTT Hourly Pricing page or Peak Time Savings page and select the “Connect” button to set up your account. Once your account is set up, you can choose an applet and be on the road to saving!

Do you still have questions on how to use the IFTTT applet? Go to this step-by-step instructions page to find out more about how you can control your home's smart technologies and smart devices.